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Drawing as Meditation

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One of the most satisfying days recently was spent with pencil in hand, in a sunlit room, listening to Beck’s Morning Phase album, and drawing a reacquainted muse, Buddha.  Returning from my first yoga retreat in yoga and swim paradise, Xinalani Mexico, Buddha was top of mind. The teachings of my yoga priestess Lisa Jane White ran deep, and this was my ode to her.

I wasn’t seeking any breakthrough in artistic styling, I simply started drawing with my most basic tools a pencil and eraser and committed immediately to my best paper without thinking about it.   After 2 hours a drawing emerged with a serene look and feel that seemed to capture both the essence of Buddha and how I felt while doing the drawing.  This scarf is bordered with rock drawings from Xinalani. We lay strewn amid their mass feeling a profound grounding, still with me today.  Beck’s latest album is beautiful and soulful, a fitting soundtrack for this work. 



Fine Cotton Voile Buddha Neckerchief 21"x21" available in June 2015 in black, sky, white, and lipstick. 

COMING SOON: the ultra luxurious Buddha Silk and Wool wrap.


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