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Our choices about how and where we produce our collections have never been more important.  After witnessing the devastating effects of seeking lowest possible price at the expense of basic human rights on a global basis, the industry has re-evaluated. The resulting resurgence of local garment manufacturing has this industry facing labour shortages here in Canada. Our choices can support not only ethical manufacturing practices at a “fair” price, but also contribute to local efforts toward sustainability by bringing these traditional garment jobs back to our communities. 


A great example of this, George Brown’s School of Fashion along with their college's Community Partnerships Office and the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure have developed FASHION FIT and POWER SEWING programs in their new Regent Park Campus in downtown Toronto where resident immigrants and at-risk youth can receive specialized training for entry level employment in the industry.


HCT is very proud to be George Brown FX’s first production client in their brand new facility for the production of my silk scarves and accessories, including my mongolian accessories.  Local production for a textile designer in Toronto means hiring a master seamstress consistent with my luxury scarves and accessories, reasonable minimum quantities, manageable timelines, sourcing local fabrics and supplies, hands on involvement and the ability to react and be creative in the process. 


Because the space is shared with students of the sew and fit programs it is rewarding to see these students producing work daily, to a standard they are proud of.  The facility plays a vital role for smaller textile designers in Canada who value outstanding local, sustainable production while the community of Regent Park itself moves toward its own sustainability.


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