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Mongolian Fur Care

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I am often asked about how to care for our Mongolian fur accessories.  Because these are tied at our neck in cold weather or worn as a glam accessory at a cocktail party it is highly probable that we may splash a sip of hot soup or crush a crudite´ on our fur!


Here is a Q and A for your Mongolian fur care:


Q: Does Mongolian fur shed?

A: When the skins are cut for sewing some hairs are unavoidably snipped and this creates some loose hairs.  This is not shedding but simply wool that was cut when the skins were cut. Once the loose fibers are gone there will be no "shedding" of any kind.

Keep a lint brush handy only for the first few wears!


Q: My Mongolian fur accessory got wet, what should I do?

A: No problem if your fur accessory gets wet - do NOT dry it in a tumbler or on a heater. Just shake it out lightly, hang and wait for it to dry by itself.  


Q: Does my Mongolian fur need any special attention when I first receive it?

A: Yes! you can shake out your fur when you receive it and I recommend to do this on a regular basis. Simply take hold of one end and shake in one direction then flip and take hold of the other end to shake in the other direction then pop it on! This will shake out some loose hairs and restore the full luxe volume of your fur.


Q: How do I care for my Mongolian Fur accessory?

A: If you get a spot on your fur I recommend to spot clean - wipe it out carefully with a cloth or a sponge and a little bit of soap (shampoo!) if needed. Avoid rubbing or matting the curl, it is better to wet the fur and wipe small strands of curl at a time. Avoid direct exposure to light.


If a full cleaning is required I recommend dry cleaning with the following local family run business who kindly and successfully cleaned a Mongolian fur for me :)


Visit Wally, Tim and Brad Maxwell at Suede Master

tel (416) 614-8000


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